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What makes Owen Petersen & Co., LLP different from other accounting firms? The answer is a unique mix of people, exceptional service and commitment to the long-term success of our clients.  Our reputation with our clients has always been of utmost importance to us, we are committed to customer service. When partnering with Owen Petersen we recognize that it is insufficient to simply have clients; we are invested in creating satisfied clients. 


As a CPA firm, every single one of our client relationships is based on an unbreakable bond of trust, as we develop relationships with our clients, we constantly strive to understand and respond to their needs by providing advice, services and resources for businesses as well as individuals while maintaining the personal relationship necessary to make our service and advice effective. 

The Team


John Martinelli


Michael Gawrych, CPA


Lisa Martinelli Bowman, CPA


Susan Calabrese Licalzi, CPA  Manager

Lisa Lam, CPA  Manager

Frank Trionfo, CPA  Staff Accountant

Debra Corn  Supervisor

Thomas Zebrowski, CPA  Staff Accountant

Dawn Hess  Senior Accountant

Debra Laino  Bookkeeper

Alex Regruto  Senior Accountant

Kimberly Kim, CPA  Senior Accountant

Joyce Petersen  Administrative Assistant

Theresa Donovan, CPA  Senior Accountant

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